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Cait Pilkington

Cait Pilkington


A young and new addition to the Touch Records brand, at the tender age of 19, Caitlin Pilkington is an artist that has so much of her career in front of her.  Caitlin’s talent is yet untapped, and she desires to share her talent with the world.

Under the Touch Records / PLG Music UK brand, the opportunities for Caitlin are unlimited.  She has performed in her high school before graduating and now wants to tell her song story to the world.

Caitlin has her own style of song writing coupled with her own talent on the piano, she always has an idea of what production style she desires with each song she writes.  So unique is her talent that Touch Records believes she could be one of the missing links to bringing more of their UK production closer to the modern era.

Dick Groves and UCAS Touch plan to embark on a musical production journey with Caitlin that will be one to remember.  Look forward to the unique talent and music of Caitlin Pilkington.

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Agency: Touch Records

Phone: 7082486839


The artist

Nationality: England

Resident in: London