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Dick Groves


Dick is a songwriter from the UK, in London.  Dick performed and played in bands for more than 10 years, back in the day.  In 2002 Dick felt he wanted to devote his time to music production, and the creation of music and assist in the development of artists.   Dick’s plan was to focus on creating new songs and lyrics, not cover songs, and making sure he pushed his production ideas into ‘finished’ pieces.  Though as Quincy reportedly said ‘it’s not that they are ever finished, they are just abandoned!’

Dick sports a vast arsenal of many genres of music and lyrical production styles, ranging from jazz ballads to pop/rock, as well as Chill and Cafe sounds to Radio-friendly tracks.  Dick works with artists from all over the UK, and loves the challenge of creating for the many different styles of each artist he works with.  Dick says; “I like working with as many different singers as possible, and to them I am eternally grateful as they bring life to my ideas”.

In 2006,the song ‘People’ was highly commended in a USA songwriting competition, and made the semis in the UK Songwriting Competition.

In 2007, he made the FINALS of the International Unisong Competition, with ‘There’s More To Life’ in the ‘show song’ category, and 6 songs made the semis in the UK Songwriting Competition.

In 2008, he had 5 songs make the semis in the UK Songwriting Competition.

In 2009, he obtained another 7 songs making the semis in the UK Songwriting Competition, including 2 that were borderline for achieving final placements.

In 2011, he also obtained 2 further semi final positions in the UK Songwriting Competition

In March 2012 he eventually found a music publisher to put his trust in. That was William Wilson of Touch Records based near Chicago.  The rest is history, and Dick now works closely with William on a number of projects, and The Oaks Studio is considered PLG UK’s production and recording facility.  Dick’s first album, ‘The Journey’ was an anthology of his earlier work. William selected 11 tracks written by Dick featuring 8 different singers that had recorded at The Oaks. The album ‘Deep Into You’ followed this up, and featured an eclectic mix of songs and the vocals of Sidonie Spooner.  Since then, Dick has completed solo projects and written and produced for a number of artists, including Naomi Thompson and Jade Titmarsh.  He is currently working with Bob Lucido from New York, so watch this space.

“I would like to think that my main talents are determination, imagination, creativity and constantly trying to improve my craft”.

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