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Recording artist, singer and songwriter – Geri Beri (Gergana Likomanova) is born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Her grandparents were Greek and running from a poor economy and poor diplomacy in neighboring Bulgaria.  She began to sing as soon as she was able to speak.  Paintings of imaginary microphones are still visible in their family house all over the place.

Geri wrote her first lyrics at the age of 5 and her first song in English at the age of 8.  She became a lead vocalist in her high school choir.  Geri’s dream was to play piano, and at the age of 9 she received free lessons at her school, unknown to her parents.  After a short 3 months, she is able to play some Beatles songs, the teacher is so overwhelmed she call Geri’s parents to tell them they must buy her a piano, or some instrument she can play, so she can develop and hone this incredible talent she has.

But unfortunately, because of the struggles her parents have seen and endured they believe that pursuing music would be a waist of their daughters time, and don’t want her to pursue music school or study.  Geri decides to go to the school of economics and learns management for the next years, where she feels extremely depressed and starts to write her first serious songs.

These are the first few years after Communism has broken out in Bulgaria, there’s a hunger and misery, everything is in the hands of the Mafia.  Geri’s parents lose their jobs, and her family begin to starve.  Geri has no choice but to work at the age of 13.  Some years later her sister (which is 3 years older than her) starts her career in music and soon after, Geri follows her.  Her first contract is in Norway, Bolkesjo in a trio band.

The gin is out of the bottle.

The next 13 years, Geri works with many different musicians and bands.  She performs as a cabaret soloist and as a production singer in shows on-board cruise ships, to becoming the lead singer in a 7 piece band.  She learns cover songs and new creations extremely fast, and soon after has over 500 songs in her repertoire.  Some of her favourite musicians are Anita Baker, Dinah Washington, Nat King Cole, Al Jerrau, Marcus Miller, and TOTO.  She take great musical influence from bands like QUEEN, Michael Jackson and U2.

In 2005 she recorded background vocals for the album from the popular Greek jazz singer Vicky Almazidu, and the Bulgarian jazz piano legend – Milcho Leviev.  She also begins to perform in 5 star hotels and top bars, she even lands residencies with a few luxury cruise ships.  Throughout her career she endures horrible discrimination because she is Bulgarian, yet she performs with dignity, grace and faith.

Geri’s dream is to write music, she often writes songs daily, like an insomniac, until she feels it’s complete.  Geri has played in over 30 countries, in 6 different languages.  Geri speaks several languages, English, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian and a little German.

She sings and writes many different styles of music, and thus her songs often are a unexpected mixture of interesting styles.  Geri is very popular for the fact that she can imitate voices of different female singers – Cher, Lisa Stansfield, Sheryl Crow and most recently in 2014, Amy Winehouse and Adele.

A very typical representative of the “lost generation”, she’s tired of being someone else and singing covers.  She has something to say to the world and cannot keep it any more…

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