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Emerging from humble beginnings and a musically inclined family. It has always been Gregory’s desire to express his love of music with those who understand its value and purpose. In the early stages of his life, the need for music compelled him to pursue a life long dream of Arrangement and Composition.  It has been through the culmination of sound and it’s variation that takes him to a fortress of creativity and imagination.  Having played a variety of instruments, Gregory’s musical style, has evolved into what is known today as; The Way of The Minstrel.  Unique in origin, the melody and musical arrangements performed by Mr. Echols, are unlike any other.

His work is in his design, to captivate the listening audience with a diverse blend, for every listener to appreciate.  While adding no personal attention to himself, Gregory has had the pleasure of writing and producing for a vast number of artists and groups.  Many are able to attest to his persistence and diligence, in accomplishing successful projects for the world to hear and enjoy.  Some of Gregory’s plans include; breaking musical barriers, and paving the way for aspiring artist to expand their horizon, and reach heights unknown.  It is Gregory’s destiny to express integrity, through his passionate drive and determination in sharing this gift with the world.

Gregory Lewis Echols is affectingly known as Gregory E; a young idealist and music genius; a natural born musician who plays exceptional musical tones and sounds that resemble the heart and dreams of life that brings joy, with extraordinary and brilliant inspirational reverberations of beauty, perfected through music that is totally theoretically composed for the 21st century.

Gregory was born on December 21, 1969 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, to the union of Lizzie Woodard Echols and Jessie Echols. He lived in Mississippi until he was eight years old and moved to Harvey, Illinois in 1979, spending his adolescence in becoming a natural born musician.

Gregory has five siblings, he being the youngest of them all.  His mother started a singing group with her children, and Gregory played the seventeen – piece drum set for the group.  Gregory’s mother passed when he was eight years old and the family relocated to Harvey Illinois with his sister. At first, Gregory’s interest was in sports and he wasn’t involved in music in the beginning.

While attending high school Gregory followed some friends to a Guitar Center and witnessed his friends coming together playing different instruments, he immediately was “bit by the bug”.  From that point on, Gregory’s love for music grew, even until now, his love of music continues.  Shortly after his encounter with his musical experience, he began writing, arranging, composing and producing House Music. Later his interest broadened, and he turned his love to Jazz, R & B, Pop, Gospel and etc.  Gregory attended Thornton Township High School.  There he played basketball and ran track.

Gregory continues to compose and produce his music, and started his own record label “Make Us One Productions”. The first CD to be released on the label was entitled Fortress.  Fortress was made available on May 26, 2007, and distributed personally by Greg.  His desire is for his music to touch the lives of many people across the world

The Architect Of Music – Gregory E.

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