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Juany Iturradle


Luis Alberto Spinetta, A well known Argentina artist once said; “That’s very nice music”, to Juany, as they listened to one of the tracks from Juany’s second album titled; “Dias Oscuros Tenemos Todos”.  “Juan Porcel Iturradle” was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980, and has been playing different instruments since he was 12.

Juany as he is now called was inspired at a young age to write, sing and produce music.  Juany plays the drums, guitar and piano, and is self taught.  Juany has always enjoyed the sound of music and used his love for music to fuel his self training.  Genres that have influenced Juany are British Rock and Modern Pop.  Juany is always looking for his own style.  He wants his listeners to be inspired with his music and strongly believes that music can change the world.

Juany began performing and writing with his band “Dott”, in 2005, after a musician friend asked him for advice on buying music equipment.  Juany helped him make the purchase and began teaching his friend key chord structure and song ideas.  Soon after a third friend join the group and thus was later formed the “Dott” band.

In 2006 “Dott” recorded their first Album. The album name was “Seeking Paradise”, with twelve beautiful strong songs, this album opened many doors for Juany and his Band, putting them on live stages almost every month, garnering a following and a strong Argentina fanbase.

In 2009 Juany and the “Dott” recorded their second project. The name was “Dias Oscuros Tenemos Todos”, The Album was written in English and Spanish (Juany’s native language).  “We wanted to try and score a new Album in our own language” said Juany on a releasing interview.

This Album opened a new market for Juany and the band, by covering both Spanish and English languages.  Over the years Juany produced for quite a few Bands in Argentina and some Artists in different countries, helping them in writing musical arrangements and composing music for them.

Juany has helped to produce a host of artists and bands, and has composed music for some of the larger radio shows in Argentina.  As of 2014, after playing and performing with his band for over 8 years, Juany decided to record his first album as a solo artist, in which he is playing several instruments in collaboration with the Touch Records / PLG Music Group production team “UCAS Touch”.  “I’m very happy to be part of the Touch Records family”, said Juany when signing the contract with PLG.

Juan has now been with Touch Music Group for over 3 years, the label has over 15 songs being scheduled for release with Juany, we are looking forward to continuing work with the creative vibes of Juany.

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Nationality: South American

Resident in: Argentina