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Maria Lee Carta

Maria Lee Carta


Maria was primarily a Blues Singer for many years but branched out on her own with her first solo CD titled “Love To Hate”.  The featured song on the album was featured in the hit TV show finale, Nip /Tuck.  Maria has also had other songs featured on Canadian TV and Radio, in particular a song called “Come Back To Me”, specifically for the TV show “The Little House”.

Maria has been lead singer for a few performing bands and has been the featured singer for The National Anthem.  She was trained Classically but prefered Rock and Blues Music instead.  Maria holds a history of singing all over the Country, but the majority of her performances have been within the North Eastern Untied States.

Maria loves to write, she considers herself a Lyricist, but she also loves to arrange lyrics to the music.  Maria has maintained her career by singing as a featured artist on other artists compilations, and she has worked as a backup singer for many artists and projects.

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Nationality: American

Resident in: Brooklyn, New York