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Embarking on his musical journey in 2000 Birmingham based Redstaar, has released four free street albums to date: [THE SECRET], [SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST] a compilation of his favorite songs recorded during the earlier days of his creative development. [RED REVOLUTION] and most recently [ROUGH, SMOOTH, FAST, SLOW] which possesses Hip Hop, R&B and Dance music with a host of writing themes.  It is evident through-out his creativity that Redstaar is not afraid to experiment with sounds and visuals. His vocal ability is rooted in Rap but his compositions and demeanor have branches that reach out into other popular genres and styles.

The name Redstaar derives from his passion for red clothing which he has become well-known for within Birmingham. There is not one day within a year he is not wearing red and the stand-out colour appears to match his vibrant stage presence and musical style palpably. RedstaarTV created by the man himself in 2010 displays his animated and street savvy characteristics whilst still making room to promote other talented performers and short comedy sketches. With his first UKB magazine feature, local radio interviews on Sandwell radio and Scratch radio, the ‘Rock en Roll’ music video online publication and prime time TV show ‘Take Me Out’ appearance Redstaar also known as Jermaine is taking more positive steps in 2012 showing the nation that he is more of a class clown than a play ground bully.

Redstaar has performed at numerous venues around Birmingham and the UK and his stage show is always high in energy. Most notably Redstaar has performed at the NXG awards show in London, O2 academy3 Birmingham as support act for Jimmy Davis in October 2012 and again in March 2012 providing great entertainment for the attending audience. Most recently Redstaar performed at the NXG Awards in London. He also performs regularly at The Yard Bird and Vertu Bar open mic nights.

Redstaar released his debut album T.M.T,H on the 14th February 2012 which is now available on iTunes. With eighteen songs for aural consumption the album is proof we can have quality and quantity. Music videos from the album include ‘On the Outside’ and ‘Rock en Roll’ which features a collaboration with alpha female Anara Sara, local sensation TERO (The English Rose Original) and underground rapper Ace over a DJ Sparks and Nick James production. The marmite album is in a league of its own with regards to sound and contains a variety of urban genres coupled with uncomplicated rhymes that often tell stories of his life experiences ranging from being love lost to having a friend with benefits ‘Do u See’, frustration ‘Mr Angry’ his thirst for money ‘Grands in my Hand Man’ and other avant-garde song ideas.

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