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Red Line is a versatile, high energy, uniquely talented party band that takes the cliched promise of “something for everyone” and actually brings it to life. From the 60’s all the way to today’s hottest music of almost any genre, the band prides themselves on their ability to connect with fans of every generation, making absolute that no one can ever get enough.

The band is made up of some seasoned vets in the music industry and all the current members have at one time either been with another band or ran solo.  Red Line is out of North Carolina, and they have performed for audiences all over the east coast.  The lead singer “Rick Thomas” has been with Touch Records since 2015, and is expected to release some incredible solo projects in late 2016.

As of 2015 the band has been performing nearly 200 shows a year, and has shown that they have a countless amount of cover songs in their pocket.  The band can cover songs from Journey to the Cupid Shuffle, and from Purple Rain to Pour Some Sugar On Me.  Touch Records truly is looking forward to working with this band and helping them become a world renown band.

Official members:

Rick Thomas – Lead vocals, Back Vocals, Guitar

Wayne Bradshaw – Bass Guitar

Byron “Crawdaddy” Charles – Lead Vocals, Back Vocals, Keys

Earl James Bond – Lead Vocals, Back Vocals, Drums and percussion

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Agency: Touch Records

Phone: 7082486839


The artist

Nationality: American

Resident in: North Carolyna