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UCAS, as they are now called, which means Unified Collaboration and Solidarity, is a merging of the organic music world, the electronic engineering world fused with DJ Remixing formed to create good, happy music in several genres.

We call it music from the heart which is designed simply for people to enjoy, like a good music initiative.  We want to impact people all over the world with great music. We want to be the choice at parties, fun times and all kinds of social events.

We endeavor to create high quality, consistent music that is people focused, radio ready and DJ friendly.  UCAS has collaborated with over 60 acts, artists and producers, endeavoring to Touch the world with it’s musical gifts, purely given by God.

The forming of UCAS, developed from two people joining with a vision and a goal to finish any production it worked on. This quickly grew into something great. The Touch was formed by Scott Oliver and Will (Deephouse) Wilson.

“It’s not about where were from, it’s about where were going!” – Will Wilson

Production and Engineering is what’s needed to provide and establish great sound that lasts forever, this team desires to keep that message alive. Together having 40 + years of music experience and diverse understanding of music, they believe they are able to achieve the classic long living sounds of music you never grow tired of hearing, with the standard appeal of music today.

Energized with a fresh start and a brand new year, you can look forward to many great tunes from this music creation combination, from CCM to Jazz, with plenty of Gospel House and what they like to call music that is timeless and nameless, created from a talent that could only be given by God.

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Agency: Touch Music Group

Phone: 708-248-6839


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Nationality: USA

Resident in: Chicago