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Vicky Vayu


Vicky Vayu is much like her sister “Geri Beri”, in the since that she is a Recording artist, singer and songwriter.  Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, her grandparents were Greek and settled in Bulgaria for more comfortable living.  She began to sing at an early age, and has worked at the entertainment and stage performing end of things all her life.

Vicky has performed on Boats, backup in studios and with local bands in her area for many years, singing in Russian and English when requested.  Vicky wants to now join her talents and abilities with Touch Music Group and look to have her skills honed and developed into all that she can become.

Her sister is expecting now and has taken a back seat to her writing days to focus on the expected little one,  but the two plan to join together soon in collaboration.  Blue eyed soul is hard to come by but this is the style these ladies bring to the table, with Vicky also adding some Pop to the musical roster, TMG is looking forward to working with the developing talent of Vicky Vayu.

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Agency: Touch Music Group

Phone: 708-248-6839


The artist

Nationality: Russian

Resident in: Bulgaria