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New House Candy Music Release – Volume 5

Touch Records, has released one of it’s signature projects, from the House Candy Music EP Series.  House Candy Music V5, is the first release from Touch Records in the year 2016, the Imprint is the beginning of a new era for Touch Records.

Many of the tracks released are simply remixed versions of songs that have been or soon will be released under one of the Touch Record label divisions.  The House Candy Music Imprint will be distributed world wide, but will also have a focus on extending itself to online sales sites like Traxsource and Beatport, as well as others that cater to DJ’s and Clubs.

Working on the project was a blast for the UCAS Touch production team, the incredible vocals of Naomi Thompson over both her songs “Believe” and “Groove Overture” were to say the least some of the best artist material UCAS Touch has had available to work with.

The origin of Overture, was a collaboration between Naomi and Dick Groves, it was intended to be a soulful groove, the project direction changed and became a slower groove version, that will be released on a different EP Series or Imprint in 2016.

The “Lose Some Weight” mixes are spiritual, uplifting, tail shaking, hand clapping, soulful house grooves that will keep you moving and motivate you to do better.  While the songs “Close My Eyes” and “I’ll Be There”, are signature styles of UCAS Touch house music.  As can always be expected, the music from this series is every bit of what you can expect it to be.  From the horn hits to the syncopation in the drums, even the piano licks are what we’ve come to like from UCAS Touch.

If you love classy house music with a message, then this is the series for you.  Be the first to get the early release copies for half price now!  The year looks bright for the House Music brand, cleared for release already is Volume 6 and 7, with more music creations on the horizon.  Please stay with us for more great music.

TITLE: House Candy Music V5
FORMAT: EP  (6 Tracks)
LABEL: Touch Records Music Inc.
RELEASE DATE: February 16th, 2016
Catalog #: TR- 02162016
File Under: House Music
UPC: 0786851549386

1 Believe (Deephouse) 3:44
2 Close My Eyes (Deephouse) 5:29
3 Overture (Vocal House) 6:00
4 I’ll Be There (Vocals House) 5:26
5 Lose Some Weight (Chicago House) 4:03
6 Lose Some Weight (Ghetto Edit) 3:38

Naomi Thompson
Mike West
James D.

All Tracks: UCAS Touch
Scott Oliver: Keys, Vocals, Strings
Will Wilson: Drums, Percussions, Vocals
Mix Down / Mastering: Will Wilson

Get a good listen to samples from our Youtube page:

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Honoring 10 Years of Music

Were taking a look back at the work we have completed over the last 10 years, and in honor of last years 10th year anniversary, which we did not get to celebrate, we simply wanted to say thanks to all those that were involved in helping us achieve our goals.  We will be posting some songs we hold dear to our hearts and hope that you shared in the love and laughter of it’s creation and distribution.

UCAS Touch & James D. – His Love
The Oaks Studios EP Volume 2 – Naomi Thompson & Dick Groves
Anthea Lilacy – Piano Play
I Promise – Alice Kenny & Dick Groves
Touch Of Motown – Jade Titmarsh, Dick Groves & UCAS Touch
Touch Of Soul V3 – Geri Beri, Sid Spooner, Jade Titmarsh & UCAS Touch
Watching Ova Me – Jade Titmarsh & Dick Groves
I Give Up – Jade Titmarsh & Dick Groves
Pop Out The Box 1 – UCAS Touch & Sid Spooner
Pop Out The Box 2 – Sid Spooner, James D, Asa, Dick Groves & UCAS Touch
Perfect Grooves 1 – UCAS Touch
Everything Jazz 1 – UCAS Touch

We are happy to say it’s only our beginning!!

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Effective Immediately – Emikule Green Joins The Touch Records Roster

Spreading our collective wings is what Touch is all about, talent has no area code and if looked for, can be found anywhere.  Emikule Green from Tobago, by way of Trinidad, is the first to sign with Touch Records for the year 2016.  He brings his lyrical and vocal talent to the label and has the experience and ear of the islands with him.

We love the optimism and outlook that Emikule holds, because it fits with the Touch Records directive.  Joining with our production team will give Emikule the sound he wants to achieve and lend to the artistry Touch Records is looking for.

Much of the info on Emikule can be found on his artist page here.

Emikule says; “My love and appreciation for music started from an early age.  My mother was an excellent singer and this planted the seeds of music in my soul.  Based on her influence I started learning music and playing the piano at six.  Although I was unable to complete that course of study, I was involved in singing and songwriting in High School.  Actually, my first visit to the studio to do a recording took place around sixteen. However, I sacrificed the desire to make music and decided to pursue my studies and can say that I would not be alive today to perform gospel music if I had continued in that line of secular music.

Between 1999 – 2000 I was actively involved with a group formed by Sheldon “Brach B” Bradshaw.  We did several performances and sang at different concerts and competitions.  In the last year the song Tommy Boy was recorded with Brachy B and then I left to study at Brooklyn College in New York in 2001.  From that year I joined the youth choir at the Lafayette Avenue Church of God in Brooklyn.  For the next four years I continued with the choir until graduating and returning to Trinidad and Tobago in 2005.  After a short hiatus, in 2008 I joined Woodruffe and Associates – a music school located in Port of Spain.  During this time I did some voice training and music theory and continued at that school until 2010.

In December 2014 the decision was made to re-ignite my desire to do music at a professional level and the first demo release was made in February 2015.  My purpose for deciding to get immersed in the gospel music arena is a desire to reach out to the world and spread the Word of God using different styles/genres of music.  Music should not be boring or only conform to one style.  People are diverse and should be able to express themselves differently. It is not my attention to become a “star” in the industry. The glory does not belong to me, I just intend to do my best and wherever that takes me, there I will go.  Motivation comes in many forms, I have a history of being involved in music; there also is the desire to make beautiful music; a directive to spread God’s word; and to make the world a better place one song at a time.”

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Good Business Pays Off

It’s an honor when your good business ethics keep you in good standing with the world.  We believe in honesty, integrity and truth.

Serving People thru Music!

Touch Records

Very Professional Label, Great Communication.

I submitted to this opportunity and received reliable and professional feedback. This Industry Expert is legit and can be expected to give a fair and balanced review of your music. Highly recommended!

The Music Xray Team

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