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Louis Shulte Signs With PLG Music US

We are happy to add Louis Shulte to our Production roster, Louis has spent years in the music industry performing, singing, writing and producing.  We look forward to completing some compositions with Louis and build some new music catalogs with this multiple genre guitarist specialist.

Louis has a huge story behind his music journey and has yet to do the best work he ever has.   Louis commands a great love for music and a desire to play it even more.  He has released two solo music albums of original material on his own Record Label:  “3hree Handed Magic!” Creative Arts

“I Climbed The Light Of The Whole World Mountain.” Released in 2009 and “The G Spot!” released in January 2013.

We look forward to joining our creative juices.

7 June 2016 Label News  News Read more

Healing In The Arts – Gala and Fundraiser

Touch Records was totally honored to support and sponsor the “Healing In The Arts” Fundraiser in Jerome, Idaho, this past May 13th, 2016.  Overall the fundraiser raised $50,000, of which all the proceeds went to the needs of the local hospitals to purchase new and improved incubators for their newborn and premature children’s department.

The more than 200 people at the event, were entertained by performing bands like; Caleb Cross, UCAS Touch, Nick Davis & (Solace), Mike and the Jazz Band, a local Church singing group and Deephouse Wilson on the one’s and two’s.  The event also hosted a live painted 100 foot portrait, auction sales and free food.  New songs from Caleb Cross, performed & written by Caleb and UCAS Touch, were released for the first time to a very receiving crowd.

Our very own Scott Oliver was able to perform live and non rehearsed with the Jazz band, the band and Scott were flawless and well received by the audience. After supporting the cause in abundance, the fund giving guests were ready to shake a leg in celebration, and they were appropriately accommodated by DJ Deephouse Wilson, who made them move their feet.

The labels desire is to host and create these kind of Gala’s that will help our communities and the needs of the poor and sick.  We are looking to perform more of these fundraisers for the many needs across the country.

6 June 2016 Label News  News Read more

Get the new pre release of Pop Rock 100

Get the early release of Pop Rock 100 – Volume 1, from Touch Records / PLG Music UK.  The full release is expected June 4th, but the pre-release is available now, at our exclusive sales site for half price.

The tracks are all composed by Dick Groves, and some tracks are renditions of previously released tracks on the PLG label.  Bob Lucido, a very unique writer and vocalist, is featured on the EP, along with Sid Spooner.  This is the first EP of this brand and we look to release some very special and unique tracks on this imprint.


25 May 2016 Label News  News Read more

Effective Immediately – Touch Records Forefronts It’s Writers Of All It’s Imprints

Touch Records and UCAS Touch is embarking on a journey of new and incredible music.  The vision is to include as many of our roster team into some projects that have a world touching vision.  The quality, the styles and the genre will be diverse but the sound and the message have to incredible, carry meaning and have weight.

To help us do this we are pulling in creative juices from the writers on our team as well, writers like; Paul Hewitt (PLG Music Writer), Charles Hayden (Celebrate Grace Recordings Writer), and Michael Doran Sr. (PLG Music Writer).  If you have not had a chance to read up on these writers follow the links and do so, they each have a bevy of talent between them.

The roll out for the new projects has begun, we are looking forward to it’s completion and getting this work to the public’s ears, in 2016.

3 March 2016 Label News  News Read more

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