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New Music In The Pipeline For 2016

Silence is not always golden, but it’s often necessary.  In the case of Touch Records silence for the better part of this year was the only option we had.  Our growth and infrastructure changes, demanded the bulk of the activity from the in-house staff, from building the newly integrated all in one website, to building a third studio and the new home of Celebrate Grace Recordings West Coast, to the signing of and working with the great talent roster we currently have.

All in all the year has been a success, but not in the way we would have expected to be.  But this has opened the door to a fresh start on the horizon.  With several new additions to the roster in 2015, we anticipate a strong 2016.  Project that have begun or are in the early stages look to be promising as well.

Projects like;

Rick Thomas – Light Rock & CCM
Juany Itturalde – Pop & Ballads
Geri Beri – R&B, Soul
Caleb Cross and his “Black And White Praise Band” – CCM, Praise & Worship
Anthea Lilacy – Pop, Pop – Rock, R&B
Antonio Resende – Pop
Michael Doran – Pop

All of these projects are being produced by UCAS Touch, the projects are either completely the production of UCAS or a collaborative effort between UCAS and the artists.  We look forward to a prosperous and fun year.

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The New Touch Records Website For 2016

Hello Fan’s, Friends and Industry Heads!!

We really want to thank you for your patience, while we made administrative changes to our websites.  The site is now complete and we would love to have you visit, and let us know what you think.  In order to improve sales performance, attract more visitors and simplify our marketing and message, we have combined all our imprints and labels to one website.

The site defines each label in detail and has a simple flow and cleaner look than the previous sites.  The site will also provide stronger connectivity for the artist and producers and their fans, so we can keep the fans in the know about their favorite artist.  Our customized sales site is now more secure than ever, and is the only place you can get our music at half the normal price anywhere online.

Some special pages to visit that will tell you what were all about:

About Us



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