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Effective Immediately – Antoinette “Ann” Keller Joins The Touch Records Roster

The music industry is full of people who can sing, and often life gets in the way and stops them from ever showing their true talent to the world.  Well that wont be the case for this artist, Ann Keller is determined to deliver her message, and we are more than happy to assist.

Touch Records is proud to announce the signing of Antoinette Keller.  Ann doesn’t sport a long list of accomplishments in the industry, but her talent, faith and willingness to work, sets the bar for every other artist we have on the roster.

Ann has helped with UCAS Touch projects over the past few years and has proven her worth as a support singer and artist.  Ann completed a duet track with Scott Oliver from UCAS Touch, on the very first UCAS Touch project “Touch The World” in 2013 also.


Ann will be releasing projects on multiple label brands with us and on several of our Imprints.  She is signed to release projects with Celebrate Grace Recordings our Christian Brand, and Touch Records our inspirational brand.  Ann’s vocal ability and range is amazing, yet she has strong control of her vocals no matter what range she is singing in.

We look forward to the many 2016 projects that will have the vocals and arrangement of Ann Keller, and the hot music of UCAS Touch.



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Eric Buggie Signs With Our Celebrate Grace Division

Eric Buggie – The Sermon Songwriter

We are stocked to have songwriter and singer Eric Buggie on the Celebrate Grace roster.  Eric brings a refreshing look at songwriting for ministry, sort of a mix of the old, entangled with the new.  UCAS Touch will be working with Eric to create the sound that best suits his skills, abilities and genre.

With over 200 songs under his belt, coming up with melodies and great lyrics should be the easy part, we look forward to the adventure and good music mixed with good songs.

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New House Candy Music Release – Volume 5

Touch Records, has released one of it’s signature projects, from the House Candy Music EP Series.  House Candy Music V5, is the first release from Touch Records in the year 2016, the Imprint is the beginning of a new era for Touch Records.

Many of the tracks released are simply remixed versions of songs that have been or soon will be released under one of the Touch Record label divisions.  The House Candy Music Imprint will be distributed world wide, but will also have a focus on extending itself to online sales sites like Traxsource and Beatport, as well as others that cater to DJ’s and Clubs.

Working on the project was a blast for the UCAS Touch production team, the incredible vocals of Naomi Thompson over both her songs “Believe” and “Groove Overture” were to say the least some of the best artist material UCAS Touch has had available to work with.

The origin of Overture, was a collaboration between Naomi and Dick Groves, it was intended to be a soulful groove, the project direction changed and became a slower groove version, that will be released on a different EP Series or Imprint in 2016.

The “Lose Some Weight” mixes are spiritual, uplifting, tail shaking, hand clapping, soulful house grooves that will keep you moving and motivate you to do better.  While the songs “Close My Eyes” and “I’ll Be There”, are signature styles of UCAS Touch house music.  As can always be expected, the music from this series is every bit of what you can expect it to be.  From the horn hits to the syncopation in the drums, even the piano licks are what we’ve come to like from UCAS Touch.

If you love classy house music with a message, then this is the series for you.  Be the first to get the early release copies for half price now!  The year looks bright for the House Music brand, cleared for release already is Volume 6 and 7, with more music creations on the horizon.  Please stay with us for more great music.

TITLE: House Candy Music V5
FORMAT: EP  (6 Tracks)
LABEL: Touch Records Music Inc.
RELEASE DATE: February 16th, 2016
Catalog #: TR- 02162016
File Under: House Music
UPC: 0786851549386

1 Believe (Deephouse) 3:44
2 Close My Eyes (Deephouse) 5:29
3 Overture (Vocal House) 6:00
4 I’ll Be There (Vocals House) 5:26
5 Lose Some Weight (Chicago House) 4:03
6 Lose Some Weight (Ghetto Edit) 3:38

Naomi Thompson
Mike West
James D.

All Tracks: UCAS Touch
Scott Oliver: Keys, Vocals, Strings
Will Wilson: Drums, Percussions, Vocals
Mix Down / Mastering: Will Wilson

Get a good listen to samples from our Youtube page:

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