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Interview and the 411 on Geri Beri

Geri Beri Video Interview

Label Interview with Touch Music artist Geri Beri.

Touch Records finally got a chance to sit with Geri Beri and get the full scoop from her, on her up coming album, and what’s been going on since signing with the label.  We wanted to give you a first listen!

Geri Beri, by far is one of the most fascinating artist we have on our roster here at Touch Music.  She is one of the most talented female artist among all our talent roster, on all three of our label brands.

Her sound is so uniquely displayed and smooth that she is a draw back to Tina Marie, in her hay day, with her own unique vocal presence and incredible music. What’s even better is that Geri’s desire is not to be like Tina but to build her own brand and sound.

Although she was inspired by artist like; Tina Marie, Anita Baker, Micheal Jackson, Dianna Washington, Al Jarreau, George Benson, Marcus Miller, and Tracy Chapman, she still wants her name to have it’s own personal place among great singers and writers.

Look for her major UCAS Touch produced collaboration EP release, with Geri Beri performing the song arrangements and song writing, in early 2016.

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Effective Immediately – Touch Records Forefronts It’s Writers Of All It’s Imprints

Touch Records and UCAS Touch is embarking on a journey of new and incredible music.  The vision is to include as many of our roster team into some projects that have a world touching vision.  The quality, the styles and the genre will be diverse but the sound and the message have to incredible, carry meaning and have weight.

To help us do this we are pulling in creative juices from the writers on our team as well, writers like; Paul Hewitt (PLG Music Writer), Charles Hayden (Celebrate Grace Recordings Writer), and Michael Doran Sr. (PLG Music Writer).  If you have not had a chance to read up on these writers follow the links and do so, they each have a bevy of talent between them.

The roll out for the new projects has begun, we are looking forward to it’s completion and getting this work to the public’s ears, in 2016.

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