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A “Touch Records” Corporate Thank You To Caleb Cross

We wanted to publicly say thanks to Caleb Cross for the growth we have seen in him over the past two years, and for the efforts he has made to move this company forward and on behalf of his own industry career moves with us.  Most artist don’t understand what it takes to build a brand of your self and present your gift of music to the public, in a way that it is received.

Caleb has done that in every occasion given, we are proud to have him on our roster and to have him as one of the elite partners of the company.  We look forward to the ventures and doors that God opens in the future.

Thanks Caleb, You’re an example to us all.


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Jade Titmarsh Ready For Next level Work

3 short years ago, the UK native, Jade Titmarsh signed up to embarking on a journey unlike any journey she has ever been on.  Now after experiencing and learning what is possible with her voice and writing, and more about who she is as a performer and artist, she is ready to make a mark in the industry via her name.

Jade has completed a nominal 7 or 8 tracks with both Touch Music and PLG Music, working toward developing the sound she has been looking for.  She has worked with a few of the producers from the Touch Records Corporation, and has only released her early work with Dick Groves, from PLG Music UK.  Jade has completed multiple tracks in Alternative and Acoustic Pop with Dick Groves, as well as EDM and Blue Eye’d Soul with UCAS Touch, which has not been released yet.

With her new contract signing this August, we look to take Jade musically toward her strengths, she is a complete artist, and we love her creative ability and unique sound.  UCAS Touch is looking to build more collaborative opportunities for her in every genre she feels good writing in.  She has so much to work with that it should be a very adventurous and fun time in the studio with her, welcome Jade, we are so happy to have a few more years of working with you.

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RedStaar Back In The Studio For New Project 2016

We are pleased to have Redstaar join us in our studios for his next project.  After Redstaar’s release of “Redstaar In London Town”, based on his excellent marketing campaign and proof of growth of his brand, he is ready to begin work on his next project with UCAS Touch.  The first project was a success, with great songs composed by UCAS Touch in their usual collaborative fashion, as they also brought in Spokewheel (Jay Schmetz) to produce a few tracks on the album as well.

This time around Red is looking for more of a Hip Hop / African feel, with soulful undertones, a real deep soul kind of feel.  UCAS Touch may embark on this one all alone, as to dig deep into their composition resources.  We are really pleased with his re-signing with us for the next two years, and we are ecstatic about the promise of a new sound from him.

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