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Pop Out The Box – Volume 3 Is Now Available

PLG Music USA has released it’s latest, titled “Pop Out The Box – Volume 3”. The EP release has 5 songs, but the impact and style of the songs is strong. The tracks feature the incredible voice of Jade Titmarsh, and one special track sung by Cait Pilkington, one of the newest artist to join the Touch Records / PLG roster.

Four of the tracks were composed and produced by UCAS Touch for Jade, and the track “Spooky” was written and composed by Dick Groves, and sung by Ciatlin, from the PLG UK division. All the songs are originals creations, created exclusively for the Pop genre.

Pop Out The Box music is often a groovy yet moody dance pop with infectious rhythms. The series has been the signature brand for Pop music under the PLG Music brand. The EP series often dares to push the Pop dance field and still has the ability to move you through emotional and real life situations. Synth sounds and layers of percussions, with syncopated drums drive the melodic tracks, that keep you head moving throughout.

Here’s what writer/producer Dick Groves had to say about his track Spooky: ‘I constructed the track using a number of unusual instruments such as timpani, whistle and a synth sound that gave the impression of something a little haunting, so I twisted the ‘spookiness’ in the lyrics, to relate to a love situation. They say there is no such thing as a ‘coincidence’ but sometimes in special relationships there seems to be an unknown force between two people where strange things just keep happening….. nothing to be afraid of, but it is spooky!

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Effective Immediately – Hybrid The Rapper Joins The Touch Records Roster

We are pleased to announce the short term merger of Touch Records and Chris Hybrid The Rapper Ballinger. This seasoned Performer, Rapper, Singer, Writer, producer is one of the most talented artist we have worked with in 11 years. Hybrid has over 2000 tracks out, covering 30 albums.

Chris works harder in one month of production than most artist do in a whole year. Chris also has a label of his own, and a media business that helps to push his more than 50 + videos. We see enormous potential in Hybrid, and our desire is to join his ability and our music to make something special that is not commonly made.

Hybrid has performed on many stages, in front of hundreds of fans, with many big names, yet he has not ventured out very far from home to perform, we plan to extend his demography, and extend it to the waiting ears of today’s generation. The writing of Hybrid is already some amazing stuff, with the special style of music creation from UCAS Touch & Spokewheel, this should light up the industry with a sound not commonly produced or found.

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Effective Immediately – Chloe Clementine Joins the Touch Records Artist Roster

Chloe Clementine is a voice to be given attention to, she has vocal range and vocal strength that out weigh’s her size and projects inches longer than her age. Chloe is a part of the youth signing initiative that touch records began early this year. Touch Records believes Chloe has the ability to make her mark and her name a well known name in the music industry.

Chloe is a only 19, yet she is gifted with an incredible creative song writing mind, and a nearly pitch perfect ear. She has both been self taught and trained on several musical instruments, and can write using the instruments, to create the tempo, tone, melody and harmonies she wants.

She will be getting composition and production from UCAS Touch and Dick Groves, on top of her own original renditions. We are so happy and pleased to have her on our roster, and we are looking forward to the fantastic work we are going to create together.

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Jade Titmarsh Warming Up For Her Next Release – Singing “All Of Me”, Live

We took a moment to hang out with Jade, as she sang one of her favorite cover songs, a few months ago. All Of Me by John Legend, was a great choice for a cover song, as it complements her voice rang. As we release her works from last year and early 2016, Jade is gearing up for one of the strongest projects she has ever done to date.

We are looking forward to the production we will be doing with Jade this year, and next year, it’s sure to be music we enjoy. We hope you will to.

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