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Antonio Resende

We are in celebration from the fact that CG Recordings is gearing up again to work with the incredible producer Antonio Resende.  Resende is from Brazil and has a huge catalog of work that he has previously done.  Resende has worked with a number of key musicians through-out his life, and he’s had his music placed and licensed in many shows and series.

We are so proud and happy of the opportunities that are opening for us, 2017 looks to be a promising year.

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A New Chapter In Touch Music

Touch Music Group is unfolding a new program for it’s licensing division.  The Touch Corporation is focused on composing and producing some of the best music the company has ever created since 2005.  Songs for many of the artist on all the rosters are being submitted for licensing options.

Songs pulled from classical music and classical composers like Anthea Lilacy, to compositions created from pop artist like Jade Titmarsh, are the norm for the new division for TMG.  UCAS Touch is digging in the crates to come up with music that will move, motivate and sooth the savage beast.

“This new chapter in our business history book is one we are really looking forward to venturing down, it’s what we feel we are truly called to do, take the music as far as it will go, and let it touch lives as God desires.”  We anticipate and look forward to great accomplishment from our company, simply from our work ethic and creative ability.

Be sure to catch our many styles and genre of music, exclusively produced and composed from the studios of TMG.

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UCAS Touch and Dick Groves to Remix Cait Pilkington’s New Release

With the surprising success of Cait Pilkingtons latest release, UCAS Touch and Dick Groves have embarked on completing mixes of her latest songs.  Cait’s original project gained her notoriety and early buzz in the industry, so the new mixes for her songs will help to keep the momentum for her brand.

Both producers have their own style of remixes and re-edits that will be released on a comprehensive combined project.  UCAS Touch has completed the remixes for Cait Pilkington.  The smooth sound of Cait has been taken to a completely different level, UCAS was expecting some tight sounds from the production project, but they were surprised by the musical style and quality.

We look forward to the new sounds of Cait Pilkington, the expected release is in December 2016.

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