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Touch Music Group is proud to add Gregory Echols as a CEO in Chicago

TMG is happy to announce the merging of a musical icon, a man gifted to the hilt by God.  Greg has an uncanny since of musical awareness, and arrangement, and the ability to hear it in his minds ear long before he composes the music.  TMG has offered Greg the opportunity to be free to compose and create more often, which is his soul desire.

Greg and TMG have close a deal that will allow Greg an avenue to publish his music and have the support he needs to continue his music ministry as he see’s fit.  Greg was already a busy man, running his own production studio, answering the call to ministry, and being ordained as a Pastor some years ago, and as of 2017, functioning in his Apostolic gift and taking charge over a number of Churches, it was no easy task for Greg to be in each place needed all the time.

TMG has taken on all the music duties for Greg to allow him the freedom to create and compose on the scale he’s really wanted and needed to.  Greg has taken on the position and more simplified duties of Music CEO for Make Us One/Touch Music Group, he is the owner of Make Us One, but now only has to wear one hat and can now run the company and not spend all his time trying to distribute, compose, engineer, mix, master, publish, train, and more.

TMG gains another incredibly skilled composer and seasoned musician, it’s a match only God could make.

Welcome aboard Mr. Echols.

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Gregory E.


16 March 2017 Label News Read more