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A Rant From The Touch Music Group CEO – About New Label Naming

It would seem that we are always reorganizing, regrouping and restructuring something, which in my eyes is a good thing if it’s because of growth.  You have already listened to me gripe about how long we have been building an infrastructure and setting up for success, but it seems like that is what growing is really all about, prepping for the heavy work production.

I know it can be frustrating to the team, when your conversation is about more work and building your plans around work, than it is about great new song ideas, but if your not planning for success, your just stalling for failure.  We have an incredible team and I want to personally thank them for all the work, prayer and effort that has gone into this company.

Our latest build was to streamline the company and the brand for our audience.  We have most of the same structure, but we have renamed the divisions to better relate to what each division is producing.  What used to be PLG Music Group, which was the name given after the Pathway Records days, is now being called Touch Music Group – Top 40, the label covers the same music (Adult Contemporary, Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, Lite Rock and Top 40) that it always has, but is now defined as a label division of Touch Music Group.

The second division is Touch Music Group – Urban (Soul, Jazz, R&B, House, Urban and Big Band), the label hosts the same music styles but is now clearly defined for it’s association to other styles of music.  The third division name has not changed, but it’s structure has, Celebrate Grace Recordings is both our Christian label and the division that hosts and controls our published and licensed music.

Our strength is our diversity and willingness to support and work with; artist, producers, musicians and writers, in the many genre’s that they love.  It is my personal goal to speak to the world in a language of love and inspiration thru our music.

Based on the standard and goals we have set for ourselves, you could say that we have been silent this whole year, because of the intense growth and responsibility, but God be willing we are about to make some noise, and I hope you will be listening, because we think you will like the noise were about to make.

God Bless You All

Written By – Will Wilson (Touch Music Group President & CEO)

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Effective Immediately – Santi Debriano Joins The TMG Roster

Santi has 30 + years in the business, we set out this year to work with some heavy hitters, and boy did we connect with one.  Santi is a Jazz and Classical Bass player, from 4 string to Upright bass, he can do it all, and has done it all.

Santi has performed with concert bands and stage performing band over the past 30 years.  Santi fits the bill in TMG’s desire to upscale our production to an even greater level.  Santi will have the opportunity to work with other key musicians on project of today.

We look forward to collaborating with Santi in 2017, and hearing more accomplished music from one of the greats.

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Effective Immediately – Roberto Tiberio Joins The TMG Roster

Roberto Tiberio is a classically trained guitarist and producer, who has been looking for more production opportunities, enter Touch Music Group.  Robert will now have the choice of working with our large roster of artist, and give himself a grander scale of audience for his music.

He will be able to stretch his skill level by having more song and artist styles, as well as his own style, to on.  Even though he has had limited compilation projects with others, he has a undeniable skill with the guitar.  Tiberio will be a big asset in achieving the sound that TMG wants to reach.  UCAS Touch has made plans to begin a project for Robert, mid year 2017.

TMG is more than happy to add another musician / producer to the roster.

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Effective Immediately – Brandon Arnold Joins The TMG Roster

Brandon Arnold, the prodigal son returns…..  We are so happy to have Brandon Arnold back on the roster.  Brandon was signed to TMG back in 2010 and 2011, lots of work was in progress, but never fully completed, we held on to the masters in hopes that we would some day have a chance to complete the work.

6 years in the making, so to speak, Brandon and the Touch family can now complete what we initially set out to do.  Brandon is constantly performing locally and abroad, whenever and where ever he can with his band.  Brandon has a versatile range and great vocal control, and loves to sing songs of both the present and the past.

Brandon has performed at some of the shows and concerts that TMG has had over the years so we know the skill level we can expect, and he will be a great addition for the performance roster, we hope to have some more great shows and performances in 2017 with Brandon as well.

Brandon’s style is; Jazz, Old School R&B, Soul and Motown, he is also a prolific writer, both for himself and for others when needed.  The combination of UCAS and Brandon are sure to be a lethal connection, and we look forward to working with him.  The first official work in mind with Brandon is to help him complete his first solo project, as well as have him assist us in some UCAS Touch releases.

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