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“Producers Corner” – Covering House Candy Music Vol. 6

House Candy Music / Tracks is truly the sweetest music that Touch Music Group produces, with it’s dance groove sounds and tempo swings in it’s creation, it’s the music for the dance floor, or just simply music to groove to when your in that mood.  This version encomposes the title track called “Another Day In Him”.  The EP sports a house mix version, a vocal version and a instrumental groove, that’s sure to please.

UCAS Touch (Scott Oliver and Will Wilson), had a blast writing, composing, performing and producing these tracks.  House Candy is set to release big in 2018, with expected releases covering some incredible tunes from UCAS Touch, featuring some of the labels top artist originals and remixes.


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“Producers Corner” – Covering R.O.W.S. Vol. 2

the R.O.W.S. imprint is turning out to be stronger than we ever thought it could be.  The music features UCAS Touch Originals with some of the best musicians on the label, this second installment hosts Antonio Resende on Guitar and one track with Alex Sax on the Sax.  The music ranges from Contemporary Jazz, solid Contemporary Grooves and even traditional Jazz, and everything in between.

We are so proud of this music, it transcends typical jazz and pushes the boundaries of Jazz, by shouldering strong undertones, front and back beats, and even some tracks that are faster groove beats.  It’s all about the music, as we like to say, and the statement here on this EP is good music, good life.

Tracks From The Project

A Walk Once Remembered
A ROWS By Any Color
Re Sending The Guitar
Fortune Of The Bold
Ever Green
Another Day In Him (Jazz Mix)

Release Information

Artist: UCAS Touch, Antonio Resende, Alex Sax
Title: R.O.W.S. Vol. 2
Label: Touch Music Group – Urban
Release Date: Jan. 12th, 2018
File Under: Jazz
Catalog Number: TR-01122018
UPC Number: 786851602586
© 2017 Copyright by Touch Music Group
℗ 2017 Touch Music Group Inc. (BMI)
Written by: UCAS Touch
Produced by: UCAS Touch

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