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The Producers Corner – Get the early release of “Best Of London – Volume 1”

The Producers Corner – Get the early release of “Best Of London – Volume 1”

Welcome To Producers Corner

Welcome To Producers Corner, Touch Music Group – Top 40 would like to introduce you to Kevin Best, the owner and CEO behind a very promising label brand out of London, UK. The brand is one of the latest acquired by Touch Music Group from the UK area, the label “Best Of London Music“, has worked and is working with some incredible artist from the UK.

Kevin Best is a top professional in his field in London, and we are expecting some incredible projects from him and his team in the near future.  His UK Label currently has some great talent signed to it, and the label has worked with some outstanding artist, each are beautiful, bright and talented, and have many projects under expected release.

Our supportive Publishing / Marketing deal with them is another very proud moment in our TMG history.

So good, So bad – by Paige Ferreira

So Good, so Bad, is a meaningful song about what most of our parents have done for us, I think we do sometimes take them for granted without realising, From young to old, when we do bad things or not great things we always go back for help, advice or someone close to talk to you. This is the story behind the song So good, so bad.

Can I tell you – By Pheobe

Can I Tell you is a soulful little number, based on a relationship that has broken down but the other person is still in your head and heart, you keep wondering if it will be OK to let the person you still love know how much you still think about them, hence the title “Can I tell you” the best advice in this song, is if you feel something for someone, you should always let them know.

Lucy – Paige Ferreira

Lucy is a young teenage girl who thinks she’s a big woman in a big world, completely ignoring and disrespecting the people close to her, her sister is trying to get her on the right side of the road, but Lucy is having none of it! lucy has all the talent, brains and ability of any teenager but just being a normal teenager isn’t good enough for her.

Miracles (2017 mix) By Christina Laroque

Miracles is a RNB hit, this is an uplifting RnB track about love and happiness, when everything is going against you in Love, you have the right to believe and dream that things can be worked out.  Miracles gives that feeling that as long as there’s love you can have miracles.

Second Time Around – Siobhan Marie

Second time around is a song about losing love and having the chance to be in love again, but only with the person you lost many years ago, so in reality you never fell out of love with that person in the first place, deep and soulful with meaning, if you get the chance again follow your heart and take love a second time around.

Release Information

PRODUCERS: Kevin Best, Denis Gadget
TITLE: Best Of London – Volume 1
LABEL: Touch Music Group
RELEASE DATE: June 22nd, 2017
Catalog #: BOL01
File Under: Pop, Top 40
UPC: 786851595680

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