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Geri Beri Re-signs With Touch Music Group (Urban)

Geri Beri Re-signs With Touch Music Group (Urban)

TMG is proud to announce the resigning of Geri Beri from Belgium.  Having to take time off for her pregnancy, Geri is now ready to get back into the studio and complete some of the great work that she was not really able to complete the way she wanted.

Now with the healthy little one beginning his first year with mommy and daddy, she has a little time and space to work.  The studio has already begun to compose for Geri in the styles of music she loves.  Geri’s talent and skill are unlike any female artist that has ever been on any imprints of TMG.

Returning to her roots with her signature sounds of “Blue Eyed Soul” and deep rooted R&B, and that really smooth deep house sound of “Lisa Stansfield”, give you the hints of the music styles she will be performing on her up coming projects.

A new sound, a new life and a new start, for the incredible and lovely artist Geri Beri.

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