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Bob Lucido Re-signs With Touch Music Group

Bob Lucido Re-signs With Touch Music Group

TMG is proud to announce the resigning of Bob Lucido from New York.  Bob has been one of the mainstays for TMG, he has been with us since early 2015, and has pushed thru all adversity to keep his performing, writing and recording status.  Bob along with Executive Producer Dick Groves has written more than 20 songs, and has not slowed down one bit.

His brand has been defined as a little Adult Contemporary, American Folk Song, and Singer / Songwriter, typically we just call him a Story Teller.  This style is unique and not easy to come by in the world of songwriters, because of this, we have begun to distribute Bob’s work over the continents, as far as it will reach.

We are thankful that Bob has chosen us to continue working with and give more time to getting his incredible messages out their.  We are looking forward to many more dedicated years of Publishing and Producing music with Singer / Songwriter / Artist Bob Lucido.

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