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Juany Iturradle Re-signs With Touch Music Group

Juany Iturradle Re-signs With Touch Music Group

The first of the year went in a blaze, we had new artist come along and some resign to extend their contracts.  One artist we are so very proud of is “Juany Iturradle”.  Juany is able to write prolifically, sing with incredible range and fullness, his is able to produce as a live recording musician and a digital musician, and finally he is able to perform on stage.

Juany has completed two albums with his band, way back in 2012 and 2013, before joining TMG, then after joining us in 2014, Juany has recorded and in some cases co produced along with UCAS Touch, a number of great tracks that we look to release in 2017 and 2018.

Juany is truly a multi talented artist with a huge future in front of him, we have not begun to tap the surface of his skill yet, but that is exactly where were picking up with him in his resigning.  The potential for Juany has no limits, we are looking forward to some great projects with Juany.

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