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R.O.W.S our newest Imprint

R.O.W.S our newest Imprint


is one of the new EP series from Touch Music Group Urban brand.  ROWS will feature some of the best jazz musicianship on the label, musicians on the label from all over the world.  UCAS Touch – (Scott Oliver and Will Wilson) started the Imprint idea, as a resource to help support the Jazz musicians on the label.  The acronym stands for; “Every song must have Richness, Order, Worth and Substance”.  We have been working at tracks for ROWS, since early 2017, and we look forward to the impact that this imprint will have on our fanbase and followers, both for the label and each of the musicians.

We are adding artist as needed for each project, and we will pull from the roster those artist that desire to contribute to the modern, traditional and classic Jazz composed under the series.  The first release for ROWS is expected in late September 2017, and looks to be the surprise release for this month.

Musicians like: Antonio ResendeUCAS TouchGregory EcholsSanti DebrianoAlex Sax, and Dick Groves.

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