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“Producers Corner” – Covering Vol. 1 of The R.O.W.S. EP Release

“Producers Corner” – Covering Vol. 1 of The R.O.W.S. EP Release

Welcome To Producers Corner

The Touch Music Group, is constantly changing, and so is it’s music, the composition is stronger each release and this is truly an extention of the many hours that the core team of UCAS Touch, puts into making great music.  This first release on the ROWS brand is a special one for the composing team because it makes a very important statement about the quality of Jazz to expect from TMG.

This series release is another collaboration from UCAS Touch, featuring various Jazz music artist and musicians from all over the world.  This effort is another milestone for the label and UCAS Touch.  Each song is unique and carries it’s own weight by way of it’s diversity and quality of composition.

“Antonio Vs UCAS Touch”, and “Gregory E. Vs UCAS Touch” are both songs that were produced by UCAS Touch and assisted by the musicians named respectively.  Both tracks are grooves and are creative contemporary jazz tunes, that make you move.  “Choir Practice” and “Don’t Be L8”, are jazz tunes that have energy and a huge amount of creativity, while “Cloud 9” is a jazz story song, that is positive and reaffirming.

The EP is just the warm up of all the great Jazz and Grooves that will be released on this series / Imprint.  This is jazz created digitally and acoustically, but the goal is that the listener will not be able to tell the difference.

Tracks From The Project

Antonio Vs UCAS Touch – UCAS Touch Ft. Antonio Resende
Gregory E Vs UCAS Touch – UCAS Touch & Greogory E
Choir Practice – UCAS Touch & Tracy Nailer
Cloud 9 – UCAS Touch, Andrew Pointer, Dick Groves
Dont Be L8 – UCAS Touch

Release Information

Artist: UCAS Touch, Antonio Resende, Gregory E, Dick Groves, Andrew Pointer,
Tracy Nailer, Sid Spooner
Title: R.O.W.S. Vol. 1
Label: Touch Music Group – Urban
Release Date: Sept. 15th, 2017
File Under: Jazz
Catalog Number: TR-09152017
UPC Number: 786851599589
© 2017 Copyright by Touch Music Group
℗ 2017 Touch Music Group Inc. (BMI)
Written by: UCAS Touch
Produced by: UCAS Touch
Official Release Date: Sept. 15, 2017

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