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House Candy Music V5 - UCAS Touch Collaboration
Everything Jazz V1 - UCAS Touch
Perfect Grooves V1 - UCAS Touch
Piano Play - Anthea Lilacy
Why I Love You - Jade Titmarsh & UCAS Touch
His Love (Refueled) - Chris Davis & UCAS Touch
House Candy Music V4 - UCAS Touch Ft Thomas Flenghi & Dick Groves

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Want To Submit A Song or CD Project To Us?  here is what you need to do.

Complete The Form Below, After you have completed the form, this link will allow you to upload your file directly to our dropbox.  If we do not recieve the form below that identifies who you are, your information and the song or project your submitting, then we will discard the submittal as a mistaken submittal.  It is imparative that we have all your information in the form to assess who you are, and how we can help you.  Thanks

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