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House Candy Music V5 - UCAS Touch Collaboration
Everything Jazz V1 - UCAS Touch
Perfect Grooves V1 - UCAS Touch
Piano Play - Anthea Lilacy
Why I Love You - Jade Titmarsh & UCAS Touch
His Love (Refueled) - Chris Davis & UCAS Touch
House Candy Music V4 - UCAS Touch Ft Thomas Flenghi & Dick Groves

Our Distribution Network

We sell, stream and license your music thru one of the largest networks of online music stores, which consists of more than 500 digital and streaming stores.  Our network partners provide the larget marketing in music streaming, video marketing, and mobile provisions, in the industry.  From commercial to niche, from cloud to streaming, we extend your music’s reach and connect with more fans.  We look at distribution as the method of getting the maximum return for your creative product as possible, with a focus on partners that will ensure a return on your and our investment of time, money, and hard work.  Our partners provide more than simply domestic marketing, but they also provide international coverage beyond the standard download store or streaming provider.

TMG provides a number of options needed for an artist or musician to gain exposure in the public fan base or in the industry.  Our distribution process is focused on providing the best options for its music and artist, from online distribution, and licensing deals to radio play and live performance booking.  Listed below is what our infrastructure currently does.

Listed below are all the areas where our Distribution can help.

World wide spreading of our music
Established Distribution Network
Collect Publishing Royalties
YouTube Monetization
Music Licensing
Video Distribution
CD Pressing
Graphic & Web Design

Some Partners

Music Dealers
Blue Pie
Music Supervisor
Music Xray

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