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Best Of London – Volume 1

Best Of London – Volume 1

Label: Touch Music Group/ Top 40

Release date: June 22nd, 2017

Catalog number: BOL01

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Best Of London - V1
Various Artists

Touch Music Group is releasing the latest from the incredible London based Producer and writer “Kevin Best”, along with his co partner Denis Gadget.  The EP is the first of a series from Kevin called “Best Of London”.  The series will uncover the Pop and Adult Contemporary music compositions of Kevin and the many artists he works with.  The series will present some of the up and coming and top artist on kevin’s label, from which the EP title is framed from, “Best Of London Music”.

All of the composition, writing and arrangements are by Kevin Best.  Each release is created with the artist’s desire of sound and statement, for the audience that each artist wants to reach.  The songs will be packed with stories and relevant purpose, sometimes the songs will just be pure musical enjoyment.

Make sure to give a listen to the Best Of London Music.

Check out the instagram “Best Of London” music label link.

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