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Gospel House V1

Gospel House V1

Label: House Candy Music

Release date: 10/6/2013

Catalog number: TR - CGR - 10062013 - 1

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UCAS Touch
Things Are Gonna Get Better
UCAS Touch & Justine Hopkins
Brighter Days Will Come
UCAS Touch & Paula Williams

The first of the new Gospel House Series EP is full of inspirational music for those truly positive music lovers.  Gospel House Music is Christian inspired music that you can dance to, play at celebrations, or simply groove to in your own comfort.  Heart pounding inspirational songs, dance floor songs and songs of meaning and growth, all wrapped up in heart warming melodic beats is what you can expect from our Gospel House Music Series.

  • Artist: The Touch, Paula Williams
  • Date Released: Jan 3, 2014

  • Genre: Spiritual, Style: Christian

  • Label: Touch Records

  • Bitrate: Variable

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