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House Candy Music V4

House Candy Music V4

Label: House Candy Music

Release date: 10/7/2013

Catalog number: TR - 10072013 - 1

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The Good Life
UCAS Touch & Dick Groves
Barry Black
UCAS Touch
Keep Em Happy
UCAS Touch & Dick Groves

Volume 4 of the House Candy Music CD Series, hosts 6 hot tracks that dig deep into the sound of traditional dance and house music.  Volume 4 features The Touch, Dick Groves and Thomas Flenghi, along with some remixes of old tunes by The Touch.  This installment of the series is sure to be a DJ favorite, as the tracks are made to groove you.

  • Artist: The Touch, Paula Williams
  • Date Released: Jan 3, 2014

  • Genre: Spiritual, Style: House

  • Label: Touch Records

  • Bitrate: Variable

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