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No More Love

No More Love

Label: PLG Music

Release date: 9/30/2013

Catalog number: PLG-9-30-2013-1

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This is the first song created under the collaborative banner of UCAS Touch, the song is the epitome of what UCAS Touch is all about, collaboration.

The original tune was composed and written by Dick Groves, and performed by Sid Spooner. The song was picked up by Touch Records and recomposed by UCAS Touch.

The new pop version is the collaboration of all involved, and one of the Touch’s first hits of 2013.

  • Artist: Sid Spooner
  • Date Released: Jul 18, 2014

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B, Style: Funk

  • Label: Touch Records / Phonofile

  • Bitrate: Variable

  • Producer: UCAS Touch

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