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Oaks Studio Releases #2

Oaks Studio Releases #2

Label: Touch Records / PLG Music UK

Release date: 2/4/2015

Catalog number: PLG-02-04-2015-1

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This Single Oak Studio series is the second in a host of UK releases to come from the stables of Touch Records / PLG Music UK.

Caught My Eye is a smooth track written and composed by Dick Groves. Naomi Thompson is the vocalist and adds to this Pop / Contemporary style classic, everything it needs in a vocal.

Dreaming Of A Brand New Day is also a tune written and composed by Dick Groves. Yet another tune sung by Naomi Thompson. The emotion that Naomi puts into the lyrics, elevate this ballad into a league of its own.

  • Artist: Naomi Thompson
  • Date Released: Feb 5, 2015

  • Genre: Rock/Pop

  • Label: Touch Records

  • Bitrate: 320kbps CBR

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