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Pop Out The Box – V1

Pop Out The Box – V1

Label: Touch Records / PLG Music USA

Release date: 9/3/2014

Catalog number: PLG-09-03-2014-1

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Pop Out The Box - Volume 1
UCAS Touch Ft. Sid Spooner

The Pop Out The Box EP Series is dedicated to Pop Music relevant today. Touch Records / PLG Music Group has chosen to produce and market more music in the Pop field for it’s pop music loving fans.

The series will still hold to the Touch Records theme of positive music, but it will reach deeper into the culture and vibe of Pop music and it’s many variations.

  • Artist: UCAS Touch
  • Date Released: Sep 3, 2014

  • Genre: Rock/Pop, Style: Pop

  • Label: Touch Records / Phonofile

  • Bitrate: Variable

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