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Pop Out The Box Vol. 4

Pop Out The Box Vol. 4

Label: Touch Music Group / PLG Music USA

Release date: 01/28/2017

Catalog number: TMGPLG01282017

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Pop Out The Box V.4
Multiple Artist

PLG Music USA is releasing it’s latest “Pop Out The Box V4” EP edition. This 4th edition is packed with some of the best top 40 and Pop music from the label to date. The composition and arrangements are all by UCAS Touch, but the songs are by a collage of great artist from all of the labels brands. Artist like; Juan Iturraldi, and Hybrid The Rapper completing their first release in collaboration with UCAS Touch.

Each brings a signature sound that has depth and great quality, both lyrically and musically. Hybrid has over 20 projects released and is just hitting his stride and finding his true sound. Juan has released over 3 albums, but seeks to find his greatest quality of sound and performance with the labels support.

The EP also features Jade Titmarsh, who is simply on fire with buzz from her latest releases in 2016, she’s just keeping the kitchen warm with this remix single that screams hotness with Jade’s particular sound. Pop out the box is a top brand for the PLG Music Group division of TMG and is moving forward strong as ever, all in all this volume will not disappoint.
released January 28, 2017

Artist: Jade Titmarsh, Juan Iturraldi, Hybrid The Rapper, Sid Spooner
Production / Composition: UCAS Touch
Arrangement: UCAS Touch

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