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Pop Out The Box – Volume 3

Pop Out The Box – Volume 3

Label: Touch Records / PLG Music USA

Release date: October 9th, 2016

Catalog number: PLG-09092016

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Pop Out The Box V.3
Jade Titmarsh, Cait Pilkington

Pop Out The Box Volume 3 is a collaboration of Pop music created by some of the top talent on the Touch Music roster. Volume 3 has tunes by Jade Titmarsh, Caitlin Pilkington, with production by Dick Groves and UCAS Touch.

The EP is packed with great sounds from the up tempo, energy tracks, “Top Of The World”, “Your The Only One”, and “See You Again” by UCAS Touch & Jade.

To the scary yet quirky sounds and lyrics of “It’s Spooky” written by Dick Groves and sang by Caitlin Pilkington, even the love song by Jade and UCAS Touch has a special anthem like electronic feel.

Another EP from this brand that holds no disappointment.


Artist: Various Artists
Date Released: Oct. 9th, 2016
Genre: Pop, Style: Dance
Label: Touch Records

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