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The Explosive Project

The Explosive Project

Label: Touch Records / PLG Music USA

Release date: 8/18/2014

Catalog number: PLG-08-18-2014-1

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The UCAS Touch set out to establish a new sound in the Pop EDM field of music, joined by one of it’s top producers from Atlanta, Mr. Jay Schmetz.  We wanted the track feel to be warm, with some acoustic elements that would bring it to life.

We formed the track around its strong piano line, and allowed the melody to have its way in the track and be dominant. The early sound was much like the Deephouse Wilson track from 2008 called “Freedom Fruit”.

Scott Oliver laid the music foundation with Bass and Keyboards, and Will Deephouse Wilson added the Drums and Percussions.  When Jay heard the post mix he knew he wanted to work on the track right away. Jay slowed the tempo, added some of his own special features and created a track more than worthy to release alongside the original.

  • Artist: UCAS Touch, remix by Spokewheel
  • Date Released: Aug 18, 2014

  • Genre: Electronic, Style: Trance

  • Label: Touch Records / Phonofile

  • Bitrate: Variable

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