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The Oaks Studio Releases Vol. 4

The Oaks Studio Releases Vol. 4

Label: Touch Records / PLG Music USA

Release date: 01/27/2017

Catalog number: TMGPLG01272017

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The Oaks Releases V.4
Cait Pilkington

PLG Music UK has released the latest mix versions of songs by Cait Pilkington, this fourth instalment from The Oaks Studio, a UK brand and division of Touch Music Group, features the Dick Groves Adult Contemporary versions of Cait’s Acoustic releases, which was titled “Water Colours”, released in December 2016.

These Contemporary versions extend the sound of Cait’s musical desire and direction. Composed for Cait, by Dick Groves, the sound is like that of Adele or Sia, light songs that cover real events in her life, and yet there are full of emotion and character.


released January 27, 2017

Written – Dick Groves
Singer – Cait Pilkington
Production – Dick Groves

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