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The Oaks Studio Releases – Volume 5

The Oaks Studio Releases – Volume 5

Label: Touch Music - Top 40 UK

Release date: July 23rd, 2017

Catalog number: TMGUK-06222017

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Featuring Bob Lucido & Dick Groves

Installment #5, from the creation camp of Dick Groves by way of London, UK.  In early release right now is “The Oaks Studios Releases – Volume 5”, featuring Bob Lucido.  Dick and Bob both take us to the land of true music, song creation and message.

The two have collaborated, and found a nitch.  The songs are folky, yet rich with a mixed texture of yesterday and today, with it’s very warm analog feel, including the way the music supports how easily the lyrics take you deeper into the theme and message of the singer.

Bob’s writing will live for generations, he sings of time of Graduation for high school youth and youth gone astray.  Bob even sings of loss and gain in life and holding onto adversity in times of dismay.  This is a one for the collectors, and those fans that are looking for real, true, evergreen music.

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