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Touch The World

Touch The World

Label: Touch Music

Release date: 7/12/2013

Catalog number: TR - 07122013 - 1

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Friday Night
UCAS Touch
Time With You
UCAS Touch Ft Antoinette Keller
Pause Slide
UCAS Touch
Jack Is Going To Heaven
UCAS Touch

The opening song “Friday Night”, was created with the old school feel of true soul in mind, and it captures that feel without flaw. A true reminder of Johnny Kemp’s “Friday Night—Just Got Paid” from 1988.  The 2nd song on the album is called “Jack Is Going To Heaven”, this song was originally created by Will in 2010, the purpose was to send a message to the world that dancing will not stop you from having an opportunity of Salvation. The two worked out the idea via a radio interview that asks questions and states facts of one mans beliefs based on dancing to House music.

Showing their ability to be versatile within different forms of music, the next two songs on the album are Jazz groves that take you for a cruise and allow you to dream a little, the tunes “Laid Back Cat 21” , “What They Talking Bout’ – The Touch” which is the last song on the album and “Mid Summer Night Grove” which is The Touch Theme Song.  The up tempo modern Jazz feel of Mid Summer is why The Touch used this track to claim it as their theme song, the song has a head bobbing feel and draws the listener in to it’s melodic tones, and makes you want to dance.

Music’s Callin Me, is the 5th track on the album and has all the power of a message driven R&B track, smooth sultry vocals overlaid with harmony, driven by a emphatic soulful beat.  The next track on the list is Pause And Slide, this Touch track has both a steppers grove and line dance feel, the track lyrically leads the audience in a new slide, mixed with new and old school slides and moves.

Track 7 is a special blend of today’s music and effects with some old school positive feel, the track is called “Time With You”, written by Scott Oliver, featuring Antonnet Keller, the song is about two people that meet one night at a diner club, and are trying to tell each other that they want to get to know each other before the night ends.  Track 8 on the album is the theme of the album itself, the songs title is the self title of the CD called “Touch The World”. The song makes it very clear the idea behind the CD, as it states many well known Places, Countries and States throughout the World.

  • Artist: Touch
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B, Style: R&B

  • Label: Touch Records

  • Bitrate: Variable

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