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UCAS Touch Top 40 – Sept. 2017

UCAS Touch Top 40 – Sept. 2017

Label: TMG - Top 40

Release date: 9/15/17

Catalog number: T40-09152017

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UCAS Touch Top 40 - Sept 2017
UCAS Touch ft. Various Artist

UCAS Touch releases it’s newest EP series of Pop & Mainstream, Top 40 genre of music.  The series will consist of music collaborations that feature other great artist from the imprint labels of TMG.  UCAS has placed their focus on composing some great pop tunes with great singers and rap artist.

This being the first release of this series is the EP that will establish the style of the series, going from innovative remixes of TMG classics, to new music from some of the freshest artist on the label, Co Production with producers like Spokewheel from Atlanta to great singers like Cait Pilkington, UCAS does what they have been doing for years, taking ‘ok’ productions and turning them into something great.

Music – UCAS Touch, Spokewheel
Vocals – Redstaar, Cait Pilkington, Sid Spooner

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